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Aulten International company is the manufacture of India’s best products and service, it provides all the various varieties of stabilizers. The Aulten designed stabilizers are available for all the appliances in your home to give better facilities with good output results.

A solution driven-consumer electronics company, Aulten International founded in 2017 by Vishesh Bansal to improve life quality for average consumers. Aulten International is an Indian-based consumer electronics manufacturer of India’s best power solution products that brightens household chores. The company name Aulten means ALL Ten or “10 on 10”. The company manufactures and sells uniquely designed stabilizers suitable for all kinds of electric home appliances.

Aulten International

Aulten products compete with international quality measures and standards to offer the best quality products to customers at affordable prices. The performance of Aulten products is excellent and user-friendly. The products facilitate the lives of individuals with astonishing results and advantages. The objective of Aulten International was to manufacture universally applicable and affordable products that are capable of adding value to the lives of customers. Aulten stabilizers are the result of the founder’s problem-based approach to simplify the lives of customers. Aulten aims to increase product range in the near future to offer wider choices to consumers and to be the most trusted consumer electronics brand in India.

Services and expertise

We provide a variety of stabilizers including mainline stabilizers, Ac stabilizers, copper stabilizers, multipurpose stabilizers for all appliances in your home to give better facilities with great output results to our global customers. We believe not to make any kind of compromises with the quality of our products and customer’s satisfaction. Our company’s vision is to provide services with state of art technology to enrich our customer’s quality of life. Since 2017 we have been working in this field to provide the best service experience to our customers and these efforts helped us in earning every customers’ trust by making us one of the giants among India’s ‘most preferred’ companies.

Why choose us?

  • 12 years of customer’s trust and experience
  • Fast and definite deliveries
  • Upgraded technology
  • Latest and high quality machines
  • Premium class products with great performances
  • Highly skillful and experienced employees
  • Reasonable price range
  • Low maintenance cost


Our vision is to emerge as the most trusted consumer electronics brand in the next few years.


"Our mission is value addition in the quality of life for consumers."

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Our team

A company’s success mostly depends on its employee’s dedication and hard works. And as a leading company, we are lucky enough to have the immense support of our highly experienced team of professionals who are constantly working towards developing advanced technology and innovative methods to satisfy every user’s needs. Our expert teams are selected especially for each client and each team consists of highly trained and skilled professionals who are committed to customer satisfaction. Further, we keep our team upgraded with every kind of advancement in this field.

Top selling products

Our top selling products include 50v-280v multipurpose voltage stabilizers, 800w step-down converter, and 90v-300v for 1.5 ton, 150v-280v for 2.0 ton AC stabilizers, wires & cables, solar and following these many more other varieties of top quality stabilizers.

About Proprietor

The founder of Aulten International, Vishesh Bansal, is the 3rd – Genz entrepreneur in the family. Vishesh Bansal began his entrepreneur career in 2010 from the manufacturing sector. In the process, he encountered the problem of using low-quality raw materials in production. To improve the quality of raw materials, Vishesh Bansal started importing better-quality products from outside India. Later, he associated with top major brands of India who appreciated and recognized their technology.  Vishesh Bansal gained market experience when he launched its products in the market. After some time, his entrepreneur mindset pointed to unsuitable services in consumer electronics. Then in 2017, Aulten International came into existence as a brand to value customers. Since then, the company follows international quality measures and standards to introduce the best-assured quality products at affordable prices. Vishesh Bansal aims to take Aulten International to great heights through his years of experience and efforts in the next few years.

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