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Servo Voltage Correctors

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Single PhaseServo Voltage Stabilizers Three Phase
The Servo Stabilizers are ideal choice for used as Mains Voltage Stabilizer, they provide continuous and precise voltage regulation without any break in supply. AULTEN  Stabilizers are highly power efficient having less than 2% no load losses.

If your unit is suffering from low/high/unbalanced voltage, you need to install a stabilizer soon. Industrial units having acute/ higher failure rate of electrical equipments such as bulb, tubes, chokes, starter, contractor coils, motors etc., should verify that it may be due to voltage variation (esp. High voltage). You may note down hourly readings of incoming voltage for a few days continuously. If you find that input voltage is lower or higher then 230V (single phase)/ 400V (three phase) even for few hours day, then you definitely require a stabilizer.


Servo Voltage Corrector Technical Specifications

Specification 2KVA to 30KVA (Single Phase) 5 KVA to 1000 KVA (Three Phase)
Phase  Sinle Phase  Three Phase / Unbalance Type
Voltage Input  110/140/170/190-270V 190/240/300/330-470V
Frequency Input 50Hz 50Hz
Voltage Output 230 V ± 1% 400 V ± 1%
Delay Output 0 - 10 sec 0 - 10 sec
Over Volt Output  AC 250V ± 5V  AC 440V ± 5V
Low Volt Outpu AC 180V ± 5V AC 311V ± 5V
By pass Protection  Provided (Optional) Provided (Optional)
Over Load Trip Protection  Provided Provided (Optional)
Cooling System  Air (Cooled) Air Cooled / Oil Cooled
Full Load Efficiency Better Than 95% Better Than 95%
No Load Effciency Less Than 2% of Rated Load Less Than 2% of Rated Load
Tempreture 5ºC - 40ºC 5ºC - 40 C
Humidity Upto 95% Upto 95%
Floor Mounting Floor Mounting Floor Mounting
Class Insulation B Class B Class


Duty Cylce    24 hr. Continuous Operstion
Wave Form Distortion Nil  True to Input 
Resaponse Time  Less Than 10ms
Coorection Speed Upto 70V per sec. (Dependent on Input Voltage & Capacity)
Coorection Method  Step-leess Correction using Auto Variable Transformer 
Suitability  Suitable for all Power Factor Loads 
Break Down Strength & IR 300V AC for 2minutes, Gretaer than 50 Mega Ohms at 500V DC 
No Load Loss No Load Loss Less than 0.4%
Type & Suitability  Unbalanced Supply, 3 Phase Unbalanced  


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