Best Mainline Stabilizer For Home

Best Mainline Stabilizer For Home

In today’s digital era every household is having a plethora of electronic appliances. But have you ever thought about the safety and voltage needs of your appliances? The majority of people don’t pay much attention to this aspect and as a result, their appliances don’t work smoothly and start losing their productivity much earlier than their average lifespan. It’s high time that people should start focusing on the voltage needs of their appliances for their smooth working and better productivity.

In India, there are many regions where voltage supply is not accurate and balanced, especially in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. And that’s where the need for a stabilizer arises. A stabilizer is an electrical appliance that supplies the constant current voltage to your appliances thus protecting them from damage due to uncertain voltage fluctuations. It protects your appliances from over-voltage, under-voltage, and other voltage surges. The mainline stabilizer acts as a safeguard for all your appliances by continuously monitoring and balancing the voltage fluctuations. It is directly connected to the main power line of your home, thus protecting the voltage usage requirements of all your home appliances.

Aulten International provides you a wide range of energy-efficient power solution products ensuring complete safety and security of your electrical appliances making them more durable and productive. Aulten stabilizers are specifically designed to take care of all your highly sensitive electrical home appliances and their voltage needs. They will make your fans move faster, lights grow brighter and everything else in between feels like a new energy in the home with the power you deserve. 

We will recommend using our mainline voltage stabilizers as a necessary product in adversely power-affected areas where there are frequent drops in grid voltage, power glitches, and poor connectivity with sudden voltage fluctuations. 

Aulten Mainline Voltage Stabilizer Range:-


3 KVA 90V - 300v Mainline Voltage Stabilizer

3 KVA 90V - 300V Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline
5 KVA 90V - 300V Heavy Duty Mainline Voltage Stabilizer

5 KVA 90V - 300V Heavy Duty Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline

5 KVA 50V - 280V Heavy Duty Mainline Voltage Stabilizer

5 KVA 90V - 280V Heavy Duty Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline
10 KVA 90V - 300V Heavy Duty Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline

10 KVA 90V - 300V Heavy Duty Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline

You can choose the best fit for you from our available range as per your needs and requirements. But one thing is sure here that by choosing Aulten stabilizers you are doing 100% justice to your home appliances ensuring better productivity and reliability. 

The best part of Aulten stabilizers is that we provide you with a 1-year replacement warranty for all our products in case of manufacturing defects. All our stabilizers are integrated with Zero Cross Switching Technology with a highly efficient toroidal transformer, possess automatic low and high cut-off, initial time-delay, and auto-start feature. They are designed in an ergonomic wall-mounting sleek design for smooth installation and an elegant look. Apart from that, our stabilizers come with a digital display that continuously displays input and output voltage giving you accurate voltage readings of your mainline stabilizer and they maintain a safe output voltage range of 200V - 240V ± 5% making it universally ideal for all home appliances. 

1 year replacement warranty

On top of that, we provide free shipping service all over India in multiple-layer packaging ensuring you safe and breakage-free delivery. We are an Indian brand manufacturing all our stabilizers with pride in India. So choose Aulten mainline stabilizers today only for providing voltage security to all your home appliances as well as for supporting Vocal for Local.

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