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How Aulten voltage stabilizer can keep your home out of trouble?

How Aulten voltage stabilizer can keep your home out of trouble?

The purpose of voltage stabilizers is to reduce the transient voltage variations in a power distribution system. The lower the harmonic content, the more stable is the output voltage.

In general, Voltage Stabilizer circuits can be classified into two building blocks: an AC-DC Subsystem and a DC-AC Subsystem. The AC subsystem rectifies input voltage while simultaneously converting it to a desired steady regulated output voltage which is usually fed by some sort of boost converter circuit ahead of it which reduces or eliminates any ripple or noise present at its input terminal(s). On the other hand, the DC subsystem receives the regulated AC voltage as an input and generates a DC level of the same magnitude at its output. It is this DC output that is converted to a desired steady regulated voltage by some kind of boost converter circuit ahead of it that further reduces or eliminates any ripple or noise present at its input terminal(s).


How do Voltage Stabilizers help around your home?

A Voltage Stabilizer is used to stabilize the power supplies of equipment.

There are two types of voltage stabilizers: Power conditioning and Filtering.  They are both used to reduce the fluctuations in the output voltage. The Filtering versions provide better electrical stability than the Power Conditioning versions. Both types work by keeping the output close to a set value but differ in how they handle any higher harmonics present in the input voltage.

What's different between good and bad power conditioners? Some good power conditioners can actually improve the quality of your power while some bad ones can make it go down by reducing or eliminating noise, or even worse by slowing down your equipment.


Here are some of the types and uses of these:

  1. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Instead of rapidly switching an output voltage to and from zero, a PWM controller keeps the output voltage in a fairly-constant state and may also include LED dimming circuits.


  1. Boosted Regulating Output A boost regulator is a power supply that has a built-in DC-to-DC converter that matches the load's AC output to the desired DC level. It takes a high input voltage and converts it to an adjustable lower output. The purpose of this circuit is to keep your equipment powered up without the need for batteries or other external power supplies.


  1. Batteries Batteries are very simple, yet reliable sources of power. They supply electrical current to keep lights and other electronic devices working. They are usually used when there is no available AC power outlet nearby.

Aulten Voltage Stabilizer

Batteries come in two types: dry cell and rechargeable (re-chargeable). Wet cells’ output voltage stays constant until it is drained out. Rechargeable batteries don't lose the stored power even if it is not used for a long time, and so can be recharged again and again. When buying batteries, always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding charging, discharging and battery safety.


How are Aulten stabilizers good for your home?

Aulten stabilizers are good for your home in the following ways:


  1. In order to improve the quality of power, they over voltage and then limit the voltage once it exceeds a certain value. This not only prevents appliances from burning out due to higher currents but also results in stable voltages.


  1. These stabilize the output voltages of equipment such as UPSs that are used for long durations without interruption which maintains the functionality of your indoor or outdoor lighting system or any other equipment that uses AC power for its operation.


  1. They are also used to prevent appliance burnouts especially when you do not want to replace them with a different type of connected appliances and therefore need to maintain their performance level with regular use.


If you are looking out for a trendier option with flexible choices then Aulten brings their stabilizers right here for you.



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