Best AC Voltage Stabilizers for Home in India

Best AC Voltage Stabilizers for Home in India

Air Conditioners are costlier appliances in a country like India where more than 50% population is middle class. These costly appliances need protection from the after-effects of voltage fluctuations. Since power cut or voltage fluctuations are so common everywhere one need to take precautions against them. Frequent power fluctuations can affect the functionalities of air conditioners and reduce the life of air conditioners.

To protect your precious air conditioners, various companies have manufactured specific voltage stabilizers for ACs. These stabilizers are fitted with ACs and protect them from power drop or high power supply.

But you might get confused with which companies’ stabilizers you should buy. So, here we are with a few of the best AC stabilizers of different companies. Till the end, you will be able to differentiate among various stabilizers companies and can make a purchase decision.

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Various AC voltage stabilizers of different companies:  

  • V-Guard VG400 Voltage Stabilizer for AC
  • Servomate 4 KVA AC Voltage Stabilizer
  • Monitor Voltage Stabilizer for AC
  • Microtek EM4130+ AC Voltage Stabilizer
  • Aulten 4 KVA Voltage stabilizer for AC

Before making the decision, go through the detailed specifications of these listed voltage stabilizers for AC.

V-Guard VG 400 AE 20 Voltage Stabilizer

  • One of the best voltage stabilizers for AC is the V-Guard VG400 voltage stabilizer that works within the working input range of 170V - 270V.
  • Its capacity is 12Amp and best suitable for 1.5 ton AC. V-Guard VG400 stabilizer for AC has a time delay of 3 minutes ±20 seconds.
  •  V-Guard voltage stabilizer for AC has a built-in thermal overload protection feature, the latest IC technology, and wall mounting cabinet design.
  • Also, the company provides 3 years warranty on AC stabilizers.   


 Servomate 4KVA (90v-300v) Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

  • Servomate 4 KVA voltage stabilizer for AC is 100% copper automatic voltage stabilizer for up to 1.5 ton AC. The stabilizer has a working input range of 150V – 280V.
  • Servomate stabilizer has thermal protection that automatically cut off power at the time of high or low voltage. It also has an initial time delay system for the compressor to restart.      
  • The stabilizer has a digital display to display input and output voltage continuously.
  • The company provides 12 months replacement guarantee against manufacturing defects.


Monitor (100% Copper) Voltage Stabilizer
  • Monitor voltage stabilizer for AC is made up of 100% copper and works within the input range of 170V – 270V. The stabilizer has copper winding.
  • Monitor stabilizers have an epoxy-coated metal body for durability.
  • The stabilizer also has a 5-year replacement warranty.


4.  Microtek EM4130+ AC Voltage Stabilizer

 Microtek EM4130+ Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

  • Microtek EM4130+ automatic voltage stabilizer for AC is suitable for 1.5 ton AC. The stabilizer has a digital display and wall-mountable design with saving power technology.
  • The stabilizer works within an input voltage range of 130V – 300V.
  • Microtek AC stabilizer has an advanced 7 segment digital display. It works automatically at the time of voltage fluctuations.


5.   Aulten 4 KVA voltage stabilizer for AC:

Aulten 4 KVA 90V - 300V Digital Voltage Stabilizer
  • Aulten 4 KVA is the best voltage stabilizer for AC that has a working input range of 150V – 280V. The stabilizer has a multifunctional display to show the voltage readings.
  • Aulten stabilizer has an ergonomic wall mountable and compact design that looks elegant and eases the installation process.
  • The cutting-edge technology of Aulten Voltage stabilizers makes them unique from other stabilizers. 
  • The company offers a 1-year replacement warranty.   

Aulten Customer Care  

Now, you are aware of the specifications, pros, and cons of different AC voltage stabilizers for the home. Bring home the stabilizer of your choice and enjoy the cooling of AC for life long.

The price range for the AC's stabilizer is Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 6,000. 

These voltage stabilizers provide protection against line noise, spike, thermal overload and voltage fluctuations. Made with superior quality material, these voltage stabilizers are highly durable.

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I hope you have got your kind of voltage stabilizer for AC. These are the best to my knowledge. please comment below if you have any suggestion and question to ask.


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